LEN Custom Belts

People often ask what L.E.N means. It's not some catchy phrase or code, it's the initials of Ron's (the founder) father, Larry Ervin Noelting, a man that epitomized everything that was good, and the person he admired most in life.
A kind, humble and honest man who grew up in the heart of Iowa, he was the one who introduced Ron to the clothing business.
That simple introduction some 35 years ago has allowed everyone at L.E.N to do what they enjoy. Working with exceptional fabrics and leathers, they create products that speak to those that appreciate classic style with a modern sensibility. Items that add enjoyment, items that you don’t have to wear, but items you want to wear.
We understand that your accessory options are many, it is our privilege to serve you, and are most appreciative of the opportunity.
LEN Belts are all custom cut to fit.  We do this all on-site, so you have a belt fit perfectly to your waist in a matter of minutes.  The leathers and skins are unmatched in detail and quality.  These are belts you must see yourself to truly appreciate.