Armin Oehler

Oehler is known throughout Europe as a fine luxury leather supplier for shoes, handbags, clothing and automobile interiors.  The tannery was founded in 1823 in Marbach, Germany outside of Stuttgart by David Christian Oehler. The Stuttgart area is known for high-tech industry and prominent companies such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Hugo Boss. The tannery has thrived for generations providing high quality leather to a number of luxury brands globally. Today, the company is run by the 6th generation of Oehler’s. 

Almost two decades ago the Oehler family began designing their own shoe line. Their men’s shoes are crafted from leather tanned in the Oehler tannery. As the manufacturer of the leather, only the best hides are chosen for the Goodyear welted Oehler shoes.


Armin Oehler is the youngest son of the 6th generation Oehlers and came to the USA in 1999 while completing his engineering degree. He began his career in the U.S. working with automotive companies including leather interior for luxury cars. Home base has been sunny Greenville, South Carolina for over the past 15 years which is the nexus of Oehler LLC. Armin Oehler designs and engineers classic men’s shoes with premium leather from the family tannery while adding Southern sensibility with a modern European feel. Armin Oehler is passionate about fine shoes and distinctive cars. His youth in the family tannery and automotive experience has inspired his artisanal design of men’s dress shoes and belts with Southern influences.

Armin Oehler boasts shoes and belts at the epitome of luxury. The artisanal design of men’s dress shoes with Southern U.S. influences, will fit right at home in whatever mode of transportation you choose. 

A hand sewn shoe with a Goodyear Welt allows for long lasting endurance and wet/dry traction. Our cork insole provides cushion and shock absorbing properties for all-day under-foot comfort with excellent maneuverability. You will love these shoes so much you will want to “retread”. Discerning customers, who maintain their shoes with proper care and maintenance, can have their shoes resoled to last for decades. Armin Oehler shoes are where the “leather meets the road”. Their eye appealing aerodynamics keep them on the pavement at full speed. A well-crafted shoe is a wardrobe stable for a gentlemen of refined tastes and and exhilarating automobiles.

Regardless of your style, we have a shoe to fit your refined lifestyle.