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Bespoke and Made-to-Measure

At Hampton's, we offer full-service custom clothing through our tailored clothing partners.  Fully bespoke clothing is available through Oxxford, as well as our tailor nearby.  Made to measure options are available through Hickey Freeman, Samuelsohn, Jack Victor, and Southwick.  All of these companies offer extensive fabric selections, excellent products, and seemingly endless options, but each is unique in its own offerings.
A question we hear frequently is "what's the difference in bespoke and made-to-measure?"  We can only attribute this to a frequent incorrect use of both terms by some of our competitors.  The main differences come in the production style of garments; bespoke garments require more measurements, as patterns for cutting are made specifically for you based off of these measurements, while made-to-measure garments use an existing pattern and alter the measurements from that.  As you can imagine, the fit of a bespoke piece will be more precise and feel as if it was tailored to your body, because it was.  This is not to say that made-to-measure is a bad option, though!  We can generally fit most anyone extremely well with a made-to-measure suit, and being that the patterns already exist, it's a great way to keep the costs down in comparison to bespoke.  
As far as differences between the brands go, we can go more into depth in the store, but for the basics:
Oxxford garments are "made the old way," hand tailored in Chicago using the absolute finest in materials, attention to detail, and craftsmanship.  The coats are all fully-canvassed using a mixture of horse and goat hair canvassing.  This allows the coat to maintain its shape for life, drape well, breathe, and conform to your body over time.  Oxxford pants are made with a patented pocketing method that basically creates a "skirt" around the seat of the pant, eliminating the need for a silk lining inside, as it lifts the fabric off of the skin and allows the pant to drape as it's designed.  No one else makes clothes the way Oxxford does, and you can tell that as soon as you put it on.
Hickey Freeman is also made in America.  Based in Rochester, NY, Hickey's make is also fully-canvassed and made to last.  Offering one of the most extensive fabric selections in the industry, they select the finest from world-renowned mills such as Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, and Carlo Barbera.  While the roots of Hickey Freeman are in a traditional, American, relaxed shoulder and fit, they also offer several updated models with a trimmer, more modern, and even European styling.  Hickey offers the most options for alterations in a made-to-measure garment, so its fit will be the closest to bespoke without actually being bespoke.  If fine fabrics is what you're looking for, Hickey Freeman should be one of your first stops!
Samuelsohn is our top Canadian-made offering!  Made in Montreal, Samuelsohn shares many similarities with Hickey Freeman, but offers a little more European, modern influence within their models, fabric selections, and more.  Also fully-canvassed, you won't have to worry about longevity; these garments are built to withstand the test of time.  Samuelsohn is also a pioneer of the soft jacket; their "Samuel" model is completely unconstructed, and feels like a second shirt when putting it on!  This model is a perfect way to dress up and otherwise casual look.  If trimmer fits, a more tailored shoulder, and modern influences in models are your thing, look no further than Samuelsohn.

Jack Victor is our top make in a half-canvassed model.  Half-canvassed means that the garment still has the canvas through the shoulder and lapel, but it stops around the top button of the coat.  You get most of the benefits of a fully-canvassed coat, but without the cost.  Jack Victor, also being made in Montreal, offers a more modern, European style in most garments, but still maintains a classic, timeless look.  Fabric selection from Jack Victor is incredible.  The piece goods offered in the seasonal box are unmatched at this price point.  If you're looking for a great introduction to custom clothing, Jack Victor is the absolute best value in the business.

Southwick Clothes is our timeless, American classic!  These are the workhorses.  Southwick has been made in Massachusetts since 1929, and also offer a half-canvassed make.  With a large selection of classic fabrics, this is our most traditional tailored clothing option.  If you're looking for Harris Tweeds, navy blazers, and chalk stripes, along with traditional models and fits, Southwick is the way to go!
All of our makes are outstanding in their own ways, and it's not unusual for Tyler to wear something from each company throughout the weeks... sometimes even together!  If you have any questions regarding our custom clothing options or would like to schedule a fitting appointment, please do not hesitate to call!