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Custom Shirting

Our custom shirting options include Stenstroms, Mel Gambert, and Gitman Brothers!
There is no replacement for the fit of a custom shirt.  If off-the-rack shirts fit you decently, but you want a perfect fit with customization options like a larger left cuff to fit over your watch, different sleeve lengths, buttonhole threads, a large collar selection, and more, custom is the way to go!
Stenstroms is our top luxury shirt in stock, and they offer a fully-custom program as well!  Made in Sweden, these shirts offer a modern style with plenty of European influence.  With such fine fabrics, a smaller selection is available, but it will be a shirt that when you put it on, you know what you're wearing.  
Mel Gambert shirts are made in New Jersey, and include over 1500 fabric options!  Maximized customization is where Gambert shirts shine... With such a broad fabric selection, chances are, we can make you anything you'd like!
Gitman Brothers is our go-to, classic dress shirt.  They've been made in Pennsylvania for decades, and that won't be changing.  These are more of a semi-custom shirt option, as they offer four body fits (Regular, Classic, Tailored, and Athletic), but within these models, we can usually fit just about anyone.  Fabric selection is a good mixture of workhorse classics and modern luxury.  Their "Natural Stretch Cotton" fabric is one we always keep in stock, and is one of our favorite travel shirts!