Custom Tuxedo
If you have a formal event coming up, or you simply want an elegant tuxedo, dinner jacket, or tailcoat to call your own, we can absolutely assist you in that!  With options for most budgets and desires, we feel confident in our ability to make you look and feel your best for your special occasion.  Whether you decide to go with a ready-to-wear option or something fully customized and tailored to you, we take pride in ensuring you're noticed... in the best way.
Dinner Jacket Fabrics
We do not offer tuxedo rentals, but we do have a similarly-priced option for proms and wedding parties. 
Our reason for this is that fit is extremely important to us. Rentals are designed to fit everyone, meaning they fit no one well.  With our "rental-replacement" suit or tuxedo, you get the style you want and you even get to keep it... no need to worry about returning it or damaging it!
If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a formalwear fitting, please call us at 704-230-4458.