Scarpe Di Bianco

Scarpe is shoes in Italian and Bianco is the founder’s family name. The Scarpe di Bianco™ footwear collection offers classic shoes with modern twists. The combination of timeless models with contemporary colors, and updated styling with traditional details, leads to decidedly current yet elegant models. 
Scarpe di Bianco™ uses the finest materials and handmade workmanship to produce Norwegian and Goodyear welted Benchmade shoes, as well as shoes in Black Rapid construction. The extreme emphasis to detail is notable in the rich colors and burnishes applied to the finished calf skins. The production is acutely artisanal in nature witnessed by the fact that no more than 25 pairs are produced per day.
Scarpe di Bianco™ grew out of the passion for beautiful footwear and the aim to offer a modern update to the plethora of classic shoes being made. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy designing and crafting them.


Di Bianco™ only uses True Grain leather which is the highest grade of leather that requires no alterations. Our skins come from France and are chosen from the highest quality lots. The skins are tanned using the chrome tanning technique which results in softer and suppler leather that is very stable and more durable than vegetable tanned leather.


Di Bianco™ tricks all the leathers and linings by hand whereby we select the best place on the skins for cutting the leather pieces that will eventually form the upper. This results in a higher amount of consumption of leather per pair but ensures that the upper is of the absolute best quality and appearance.


All Di Bianco™ shoes are made by stretching and tacking the upper to the last (model) of the shoe. The upper is left on the last for 10 days which ensures proper fit and leads to longevity in the shape and integrity of the upper.


The upper is constructed and sewn entirely by hand. Di Bianco™ includes a comfortable toe liner as well as double lining inside the heel counters. The Goodyear, Norwegian, Black Rapid, and Blake constructions are all done by hand. We include a double cushion under the innersole as well as a cork interlayer or “sugherina” which creates a very comfortable fit after the shoes have been worn a handful of times.


Raw leather soles and heels are trimmed and beveled to attain the ideal lines and thickness as requested by each customer. The leather is buffed and colored using non toxic pigments. Metal tacks are used to reinforce the toe and heels and to provide an elegant finish.


This may be one of the most distinguishing attributes of Di Bianco™ shoes. We use the finest polishes and colorants available in our hand polishing process. Di Bianco™ even hand polishes black calfskin. The burnishing of Di Bianco™ shoes is a very long and intensive process that often requires the use of numerous colors in combination to attain the final color. Di Bianco™ employs champagne to enhance the burnishing effect. Several colors offered are “Based on Black” whereby the shoe begins as black calfskin but through the removal of some of the pigmentation and the hand application of additional colors the end result is a smoky multi-layered finish.