Stenströms originated in Sweden and we have a longstanding tradition of owning and running a shirt factory. Founded in 1899 by August Stenström, it is still a family-owned company.
Since the very beginning Stenströms has crafted high-quality shirts. August’s reputation for making the best, most elegant shirts had spread far and wide, and all the most stylishly dressed men wanted a Stenströms shirt. Today, over 100 years later, our reputation for unique quality has spread far beyond the country’s borders. Our attention to detail and sense of quality remain unchanged.

Through experience and hard work, we have found the golden ratio between the quality of the shirt and the ability to adapt the shirt to your preference – bringing premium quality and the benefits of tailor-made craftsmanship to you.

Our pursuit of perfection is relentless as we roam the planet in search of the best materials and the latest design influences – so we can keep developing the shirt and the experience of wearing it. Back home in Sweden we are the preferred choice of the Swedish King and Queen, and have been granted the royal warrant “Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden”.