Napoli Suede Loafer in Selva

Scarpe Di Bianco

The Napoli men’s loafer with tassels in loden green is a sophisticated way to add a pop of color to your dressier casual fall/winter looks. It is especially elegant when paired with grey flannel trousers, as well as navy, denim, and khaki. The unlined suede with Flex construction make this tassel loafer just as comfortable as it is stylish.


This men’s Italian shoe is from the SPQR collection. This collection is designed to offer an elegant shoe appearance combined with extreme comfort. The shoes are produced in a Flex construction which allows the shoes to bend up to 90 degrees. Designed with a high-density rubber sole which mirrors the appearance of our leather dress sole, coupled with durability, comfort and practicality against moisture. As with all of our SPQR models with Blake construction, the Napoli suede loafer features some of the details of a gentleman’s shoe; fiddleback sole and a Goodyear gentleman’s notch.

This model will fit true to size. However, if you have a narrow foot you may need to size down a half size. Minimal or no slip in the heel indicates a proper fit.


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